Health Benefits of Pet Ownership (EXPERT)

As a Pet Grief Coach, I am constantly reminded of how important pets are in our lives.

Animals have a way of opening up our hearts and cheering us up. No matter how bad of a day we’ve had, a pet can ease the stress and cheer us up. There are many great health benefits of owning a pet. Here are a few:

Lower Stress

Stress has become routine in many of our lives today. Having a pet can lower stress by helping us

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You beloved pet is always loyal and looking for you at the end of the day. Read about the health benefits of pet ownership.

to take the focus off of whatever is stressing us and relaxing with our pets.

Lower Blood Pressure

Along with lowering stress levels we can lower our blood pressure by spending time with our beloved pets. The simple act of petting our pet can help to lower blood pressure by several points. Many have found that by owning a pet they can eventually eliminate medications (on doctor’s approval only).


It’s easy to get caught up in being a couch potato. However, when we own a pet, we have to get up to let our beloved pet outside to do his or her thing now and again. It’s also good for our pets to go for a walk (assuming it’s a dog) and get some exercise. By taking our pet for a walk we’re also getting some much needed exercise.

Cheer Us Up

No matter how sad we are, a pet seems to know and will snuggle up to us in an effort to cheer us up. This simple act can do wonders to cheer us up no matter how bad the news. It’s nice to know that this love is unconditional and will be there for us when we come home from a rough day.

Improve Immune System

According to statistics, the healthiest people have pets. Pets tend to improve a person’s immune system and the person will have fewer allergies and less asthmatic responses when owning a pet. Its unclear why this is but time and again it’s been shown that people who are exposed to larger animals and furry friends tend to have an improved immune system. Perhaps pets are nature’s way of protecting our immune systems from allergens and the like.

Get Dates

Many a guy and gal have discovered that by having a cute furry friend, they become a magnet to the opposite sex. If you’re having troubles getting a date, get a sweet pet and go to the park. Just an afternoon should be inspiring enough and you’re sure to gain some attention with your cute pet in tow.

It’s worth a shot and your little black book might just become obsolete if you find the right person in this fashion. Pets are also great judges of character so if you’re pet shies away from someone or growls, beware, you may not want to date that person after all.

Pets offer us many health benefits. They provide love and affection and can give us a better immune system. Pets are a natural conversation starter and will go far in helping you to develop new friends.

Pet Loss Coach

Judy Helm Wright is a pet loss coach and can help those pet parents who are grieving the loss of their beloved friend.  Would you like a free session? Please contact us at the above contact form.  You will be so glad you did.


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