Dog Dads: Parenting Skills Learned From Pets (EXPERT)

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Being a good dad is not natural. It is a learned skill and a full time occupation to raise a responsible child or pet. Is parenting hard? Imagine the time you have spent learning how to be a mentor and guide to your human children, how much time have you spent to be a good dog dad?

Parenting is hard

Healthy Cocker Spaniel for your new pet.

Parenting is not easy-whether with kids or dogs. Keep rules Consistent, Firm & Kind and behavior will improve. See for tips on parenting and family relationships.

Parenting is not easy-whether with kids or dogs. Keep rules Consistent, Firm & Kind and behavior will improve. See for tips on parenting and family relationships.Because parenting is hard the old adage of “Anyone can father a child, but it takes someone special to be a dad” is very true. So, it can also be said: “Anyone can buy a dog, but it takes someone very special to become a pet parent.”

Many of the parenting skills gained from raising a responsible pet can be translated into methods of successful child rearing.

While we state that successful parenting is hard and does not come naturally to most people, the results are priceless and life changing. We also maintain that good parenting and training will impact how your dog or child is accepted by society. When children and pets are treated with kindness, respect and caring they are easier to live with and a joy to be around.

What happens when dads throw their teens into jobs with no training or even adequate information? The kids become anxious and confused because they are not sure what is expected of them on a daily basis. If the kid acts and looks like he does not understand what is wanted, the dad may give up on him. He may yell, scream and threaten. He may be punished harshly (or taken to the pound) or just ignored.

Consistent rules and boundaries

The best way to gain cooperation from kids or pets is to be consistent in the expectations. As a parent educator, I taught families to use rules and boundaries that were Consistent, Fair and Kind.

Kids and pets who know what to expect and what is expected from them have behavior that is much more positive.   Once boundaries have been established and rules re-enforced then the action becomes automatic. Does that mean they always choose the right thing to do? No, it means that if kids and pets understand the rules, the behavior will generally be more positive.

Unconditional love forever

Animals and Children bring out the best in us if we let them. They have this ability because they love us unconditionally and will forgive our little mistakes when we screw up occasionally.

Being a “Dog Dad” can be such a rewarding part of your life. But, remember, Parenting is hard before it becomes fun. Transfer your child parenting skills to your pet parenting skills and you will find them useful in establishing a fun fur family.

Thanks for being a great pet parent. Judy Helm Wright is a Pet Grief Coach and family relationship expert. Be sure to check out all the resources available to you at free booklets, classes and podcasts.

Judy has a radio show each Thursday at on the human/animal connection. Check it out. You will be glad you did.


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