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How Animals Communicate With Humans

According to Ain’t Misbehavin’ The Groundbreaking Program for Happy, Well-Behaved Pets and Their People by John C. Wright, PH.D –“Both dogs and cats speak to us with their voices, tails, eyes, mouths, ears and posture. When they “talk” to each other, they use scents we can’t smell, subtler postures, looks, and, for all we know, ESP. Animal psychics claim to be able to communicate mind to mind with our canine and feline friends. That’s great for them. But the vast majority of us must rely on receiving and correctly interpreting the unspoken messages our animals try to send to us and then try to make them understand with whatever tools we have at our disposal.

“Behaviorists have been working to decode cat and dog communication for only a few decades now, but we believe we’re getting a handle on most of the everyday behaviors our pets exhibit to try to tell us things, as well as some of the more unusual ones.”

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No need to yell at your dog, just a word or phrase in a strong voice and they will learn you mean business. Your dog is your best friend and loves you unconditionally. See for more stories and photos.

Many pet owners have told me that their pet has developed a special signal for a walk, for ice cream or to tell the owner that there is someone coming to the door. Some are so in tune with their animals that the pet can “smell” a heart attack or epileptic seizure coming on.

Our dog Rosie knows when it is four o’clock and walks over to the hook holding the leash and then back at my husband with a mournful look in her eyes. He starts to stand up and she is bouncing her special “walk me, walk me” dance.

Remember that your dog and cat will respond to one softly spoken word, usually their name or a command, if it is followed by praise, a treat or a pat on the back. No need to yell, threaten or scowl.  Relax, this is your best friend and loves you unconditionally.


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Americans are spending more money on our dogs than ever before. Actually, this is one deciding factor in my authoring more pet books. For 25 years I have written excellent parenting books and my best selling book is “I Lost My Best Friend Today—Dealing With The Loss of a Pet.” It is also why I decided to start charging for my Pet Grief Coaching. I was getting more clients with pet problems than parenting problems.

In America, the average owner can expect to shell out a minimum of $11,500 in the course of a dog’s life. Depending on which study you look at, anywhere from 87 to 99 percent of dog owners report they see and accept their dogs as family members.

Dealing With The Loss Of Your Pet

If you are a fur-family and have a pet that has died and you are still mourning, please consider sharing your sorrow with Judy Helm Wright, a gifted and intuitive Pet Grief Coach.  You can reach her at  You will always be glad you did.

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