6 Dog Personalities & Temperaments (EXPERT)

It is helpful to know what kind of personality your new dog will have; so that you can more easily adapt him/her to your family.There are six basic types of dog personalities. In addition to personalities all animals have temperament. Temperament is also the other factor that influences how the dog interacts and reacts with others animals and humans.

The temperament is the traits that a dog is bred for.

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Adopting an older dog can be a wise move for a family friendly pet. See http://www.AskAuntieArtichoke.com for more information on family friendly pets.

For instance, a Weimaraner dog is bread for hunting skill.  This breed of dog is bred for his soft mouth, endurance and strength.  However, a favorite kind of dog for our military friends is the German Shepherd.  This breed is known for intelligence, adaptability, trainability and the watchdog instincts.  Every breed has certain characteristics that a professional breeder will want to reproduce to the  mental as well as the physical standards.

The second part of the temperament is the dog’s personality.  This is all the things inside his/her head that determine behavior.  A large part is genetic and the rest is molded during the first weeks of his/her life with you, the pet parent.

6 types of dog personalities

  1. A Responsive dog
  2. A Nervous dog
  3. A Shy dog
  4. The Sedate dog
  5. The Aggressive dog
  6. The Stubborn dog

Of course a dog’s environment also affects behavior. If your dog is kept exclusively in a kennel or a cage during the first twelve weeks of life, he may be shy and withdrawn when he enters the regular world. If on the other hand, he is brought into your family home where he can enjoy constant contact with loving people and perhaps even other animals while he is still a puppy, he will almost always be a cheerful and affectionate dog. Dogs who have recieved this initial loving care want to please their pet parents and do what ever will make the humans in the house happy.

Which of these basic personality types best suit you and your family depends largely on your own personality and what you are looking for in a family pet.

Choose carefully for this pet dog will most certainly become a valued and loved part of your family for many years to come.


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